Dan's vocal ability will fit your venue by entertaining your customers in a warm and inviting style.

At any given time, you may walk into a local restaurant and immediately become drawn into the passion driven vocals of Dan. He pays a genuine tribute to many of the artists we've all grown up with. Some of them are Bruce Springsteen, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens & Bob Seger. He puts his own interpretation into these wonderful works without losing the quality of the pieces he performs. He has also written some of his own songs which have always been well received. If you're looking for talent and passion, Dan would be perfect as he puts 100% of himself into everything he does.


Below is a list of the many venues he has been and is privileged to

perform at..

Billy's Boathouse Grill


North Beach Bistro

Seven Bridges

The Homestead

The Copper Top

Cliff's Bar & Grill

Jerry's Sports Grill

Mudville Grill

Riverside Arts Market as a featured stage performer

Crabcake Factory

Slider's Grill

Hurricane's Grill

"Music in the Courtyard" 200 First St. Neptune Beach

Jacksonville Golf & Country Club

Dan is also very happy to perform at your personal or business


Please go to "contact us" for any information needed.


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